Laptop Usage Damages Sperm Count

I remember a few years ago my aunt used to always tell me to move my laptop out of my lap if I didn't want it to burn my sperm cells. I listened but I also always found it humorous because I thought it was just another thing a West Indian was saying, until I really started believing it myself. It turns out after numerous studies Reuters News reports that laptop WiFi may actually damage your sperm. The study was conducted by placing healthy semen under a laptop that was downloading data, and after about four hours 25% of the sperm stopped swimming. Without the actual use of WiFi there isn't any actual effect on the semen, which researchers say is due to the wireless internet's electromagnetic radiation. Actually none of this should come to a surprise since these things we use carry dangerous acidic batteries, the studies didn't show if these findings have anything to do with the effect on pregnancy or being fertile though.

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