All she wants to do is take your money.

If you all haven’t got the idea quite yet, im pretty much infatuated with money [ Check the blog titles ] lol ok ok moving along . . .

Her Alias, M.I.A.

A singer-songwriter, vocalist, visual artist, designer and the list goes on.

She is mostly known for her hits “Paper Planes” and “Boyz” and has come out with a

clothing line named Okley Run. With a retro appearance and much cultural inspiration

this street wear is much more diverse than the rest, that’s for sure. Okley

, a young boy who was discovered by M.I.A on a small island “smaller

than Manhattan but bigger than your backyard” who catches snakes and sharks as a

past time seems to be the incentive for the clothing lines name. Nonetheless he’s

appealing more like CUTE and he even has modeling gigs lined

up . . . a long way from a mere garbage collector he once used to be.

The collection's pants, hoodies, and jackets are filled with vibrant colors

that just scream “BAM!”. Although the line is somewhat expensive

it’s very unique and is hard to come by.


The Music Within...

By: Jadore' Couture

"I met this girl, when I was ten years old And what I loved most she had so much soul
She was old school, when I was just a shorty
Never knew throughout my life she would be there for me
On the regular, not a church girl she was secular
Not about the money, no studs was mic checkin her
But I respected her, she hit me in the heart
A few new york niggaz, had did her in the park."
-Common ( I used to Love H.E.R.)[1994]

Growing up in the early 90's Hip Hop played a big role in many others even such as my own Lifestyle
I grew up listening to The Notorious BIG, 2PAC, Common, Lauryn hill && The fugees,
Qtip, jay z, Foxy brown, Mc Lyte, LLcoolJ, And Many others.

Hip hop Was like "that home away from home." When the beat dropped a certain uproar came over you; evidently many lyrics related to you, it was just you && the music.
Remembering Biggies Life After Death album which Replayed in about Everyones stereo lyrically i felt he mastered the game.
"There was this girl around the way that make cats drool
Her name's Drew, played fools out they money in pool
People swore we was fuckin but we was just cool
She used to hang while I slang my drugs after school.
"-Miss you (B.I.G)[1997]

Realistically && metaphorically hip hop related to everyone in a ceratiin way
there was a certain "phunk" back in the 90's when it came to music
Music was a form of art
a way for people to express thereselves
apparently Hip-Hop has lost its Meaning.
Music always came with a certain style.
Hip hop's style has also changed from 1994-2008
Remembering when Jay-z, Damon Dash & roca fella first released
Remembering the days Rocawear used to be socially cool; At one point Rocawear was what Everyone was wearing.


Just like Trends hip hop changes as well. The defintion of hip hop seems to change Every Year along with Its fashion statements. It is Rather Blatant that hip hop "Then" && Hip hop "Now" have two complete definitions.
Souljah Boy, Lil wayne, Gucci Man, Young Joc, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Cool Kids & Fabolous
All bring a different style of hip Hop to the Table, Some favored Most then others, they all have a unique way of exppressing there music
&& they all have a different type of "style" or Swagg as "you" would call it.

"And I'm back to tear it up
haters, start your engines
I hear 'em gearin' up
people talk so much shit about me at barbershops
they forget to get their haircut
OK fair enough, the streets is flarin' up'cause they want gun-talk,
or I don't wear enough"
-Kanye West(Everything Iam)[2007]

A few old School Artist are still Around Doing there thing Like Jay-z For instance He's still on top of the game. His music is still Americas favorite his style has changed from 1997 Jay-z To 2008 Shawn Carter. His music has always been " Something to Listen too" ; even thou his style has changed from His 1996 Reasonable Doubt Album to His 2007 American Gangster Album. He Continues to make Hits.
“They say a midget standing on a giant's shoulders can see much further than the giant. So I got the whole rap world on my shoulders, they trying to see further than I am.”-Jay Z

With that being said in todays young society Everyone has there own definition of hip hop and who are we to judge them? hip hop is a form of self expression a form of art . it is a gift that only a few will understand. and the only way you will be able to understand hip hop is if you find " the music within..."





Chad Muska has done it once again. These colorways left me with a 
donut shaped mouth expression...Lol. I personally think these colors 
for ladies are incredible. They will be available in Spring 09'. 
Take A Look Yourself.

  - Mr DoT{.} McFly

Vans/WTAPS Rudeez

I was going through my bookmarked articles and found this.

There's are another collaboration piece from Vans and WTAPS
(the 3rd to be exact). The fact that it's one of the best combinations 
of wing-tip shoes and sneakers I've seen I had to post this. 

Pictures : Street Thing
  - Mr DoT{.} McFly

T-Mobile G1

So my Partner in C.R.E.E.D Marz hits me up to post this blog for him since he has work, 
and I just got home. Well the T-Mobile G1 is the first of it's kind, since it will be the first phone 
on the market that's equipped with the Google owned Android Operating System. 
Google leads the Open Handset Alliance which is a alliance of companies 
competing against the like of Apple & Research in Motion. 

So it's safe to say that this phone is intended to take on the 
popularity's of the iPhone & Blackberry. 
G1 sports a 3MP camera, 2GB storage(expandable to a 8GB limit), 
and touch screen plus a qwerty keyboard. 
T-Mobile placed the G1 for pre-order on September 23, 
but will be released October 22 with an $179 price tag for 
new customers and a $399 price tag without a contract. 
G1 is also required to have a data plan and will not work without it.
There are two data plans available for $25 & $35.
The $25 plan consists of Unlimited Web,
Unlimited Email, Unlimited IM on Google Talk,
T-Mobile HotSpot Data Access, and 400 
Total Messages.
The $35 plan has the same package but it's all 

The phone really basically can deliver the same features of the iPhone & Blackberry but until it's release we won't know the accuracy, and full extent of the O.S' capabilities.

Source : Engadget
  - Mr DoT{.} McFly

Skull Gang

Skull Gang Take Over Mixtape

Now I'm pretty sure we
already know who Juelz Santana
is. I've been a fan of Juelz since his
first appearance on Cam'ron's S.D.E
album, but unlike most people I can
admit when something doesn't meet
full expectations. The group consists
of Juelz Santana, long time DipSet
members Un Kasa and Bezzel(Bezzel
isn’t on the tape but is the more
talented one out the group
next to Santana)Richmond Rabb,
John Depp, Starr, Deniro,
Mo’ Betta, and Riq.

Here's a video link to
the commercial of the Mixtape
so you could have
an idea of the groups members.

The Mixtape is an introduction to Juelz’s list of protégé’s, and has features from
Lil’ Wayne & Jim Jones other than The Skull Gang members.
It has 21 tracks to showcase the groups abilities. As a Juelz fan
I expected a lot more of his music, but the tape is unfortunately
a group effort; If you can get past that(which I had a difficult time
doing since I’m use to Juelz’s solo tapes like the classic
Back Like Cooked Crack Series) it’s actually good material
acompanied by good production, but very much far from the best.
Surprisingly for a new group they actually have good
chemistry and can not only carry on but boost
each others distinctive styles.
Expect a lot more from Juelz and his
proteges as they intend to "Take Over"
and leave the weather of the Rap Game
"Partly Splashy".

Just for my entertainment here's another video,
but of the good ol' days of DipSet...If the group still showed unity like
this the tape would have been another classic under their roster.

  - Mr DoT{.} McFly

World's Most Creative Buildings

I was going through the virtual world, and stumbled across these images of the World’s Most Creative Buildings.
Who would actually expect structures like these to be even thought of, while here in New York
we’re in awe just to see a nice house period. The people who made these buildings
obviously had a lot on their bored yet creative minds. There were about nine
buildings you could go over to Oddee to see the rest if you feel the need.

The Basket Building was created by Dave

Longaberger for his office in 1977(in the U.S)

despite the bankers, architects, and construction

companies taking it as a joke(who could blame them).

The An Hui Province China houses this “Piano House”.

The violin of the building is the elevator.

The Sathorn business district of Bangkok,

Thailand is home

to the United Overseas Bank's Bangkok


The building is modeled in robot form to

signify the mechanization of banking. It

was created in 1986 for the Bank of Asia by

Sumet Jumsai.

Source : Oddee
  - Mr DoT{.} McFly


The Mischief Mixtape Review

I’m not much of an R&B dude then again Miguel

should be classified as more of a Soul artist.

A hand full of artists, and songs grab my ears these days,
Miguel happens to be one of these artists.

For the people who have no clue who I’m referring to he is an artist out of L.A with

a very distinctive sound.

When you hear his music you may be reminded of D’Angelo/Raphael Saadiq(good

sounding music…you get the point).

I first heard him sometime last year with the songs Quickie(which we all want) &
Sure Thing, and now

a year later he is signed to Jive Records working on his debut album.

The Mischief Mixtape is compiled of 8 songs which boast his unique vintage
and shows the listener what music has been lacking(unique creativity).

Oh Yea I forgot to mention he also co-wrote Usher’s Revolver off of the Moving

Mountains album.

You should check out his page Miguel and get acquainted to his work.

  - Mr DoT{.} McFly

Cash Monáe.

[ Janelle Monáe ]

soulful voice.

simply gorgeous.

style is impeccable.

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas

Attended the American Musical Academy in New York City where she studied musical theatre and planned to pursue a career on the stages of Broadway along with attending Georgia Perimeter College where she studied Science.

her dream ?
to change the world through her music
&& has made a MAJOR influence on the fashion scene, with a clean tailored look.

signed to labels such as,

  • Bad Boy Records

  • Purple Ribbon

  • Atlantic Records

  • The Wondaland Arts Society

Check out the first suite of the epic story


her debut album, titled

The Chase.

Diet Butcher Slim Skin

These my friends ,are a brand new line of hightops by Diet Butcher Slim Skin. These bad boys have officially distinguished themselves from the others.They come in three different patent colors, fully equipped with a side zipper for easy slip on access, for those of us who rarely tie the laces.I have already tried to add these to my already accumulating collection of high tops, however the site I found was unfortunately in Japanese. They're available at Glaice. If you happen to find let me know!

It's all about the paper.

[ Paperdoll Boutique that is. ]


Located in Downtown Brooklyn. At 104 Bond Street, Paper Doll is an "one stop shop” where a Fashion Forward shopper can put an outfit together. From high end labels such as Frankie B, Whitehorse Couture, and Peoples Liberation to more contemporary brands such as Hellz Bellz and MOB [Married to the Mob] paper doll is any woman’s dream retreat. Owner 20 year-old Victoria Shelton brings such a youthful perspective and style.
The hottest designs and the hottest tracks coming through the speakers is just half of the shopping experience . . . the other being the remarkable customer service. They’re currently having a great sale on all jeans, buy one pair get the second 50% off ! Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. . .

[ Kate Perry in Whitehorse Couture ]

[ Hellz Bellz ]

[ M.O.B ]

check it out . . .
be about that paper $$$


Benjamin Bixby

So Andre 3000 has finally launched his men's line Benjamin Bixby Clothing. It's more than a good start to the line and it's clear the line resembles old football attire, and ranges from hats, scarves, sweaters, bow ties, dress shirts, blazers, and trousers. It's currently being sold online at Barney's, Neiman Marcus, and Macy's is supposed to be one of the official retailers.

Source : Trend Land
  - Mr DoT{.} McFly